Fannie Pie: January 2008

Monday, January 21, 2008

Knitting 101 ... or Scoutie's Knitting lesson

First, find some yarn and needles...

Next, carefully monster yarn all over the living room....

Get distracted by a pencil, lesson over...

With Scout's help, I've finished another version of the Cables in Chamonix sweater. I knit the first one for the Knitting Olympics. This version is in Debbie Bliss Merino Chunky and a pretty chocolate brown ( see photos above, under Scoutie's feet). I've completed all the pieces and just need to block it and sew together pieces and add the neck.

While I'm waiting for the pieces to be ready to sew together I've started another sweater. I'm trying a Knitting Pure and Simple pattern for a top down cardigan that is knitting up amazingly quick! I just started it on Monday or Tuesday and have completed most of the body. It's a pretty simple pattern, but the yarn is pretty so I think the result won't be too boring.

I've also been shopping! I did pretty good last year with my yarn diet, but I'm already making up for it this year. I've purchased yarn to make Elizabeth Zimmerman's Ribwarmer. That will probably be next... since I have been dying to see what it would look like and cast on earlier today:-) Just trying to keep up with my growing stash!

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