Fannie Pie: August 2008

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New finished objects and Olympic knitting!

I finished my Must Have Cardigan some time ago as well as a fuzzy Noro jacket. I still have a couple of loose ends to weave in and need buttons, but pretty much done!
V kindly took some photos for the blog... front and back

and a silly one that sorta shows the sleeves... I love this sweater!

Here is the Fuzzy Noro Kochoran sweater- super fast knit! I think this took me about 10 days to knit.. it was a month or so ago, could that be right? It's a knitting pure and simple pattern, top down with little seaming and took less than 5 skeins of Kochoran. I like the way knitting it top down makes the stipes match perfectly!

this yarn is so soft and fluffy, this will be wonderful once the weather cools off a bit. ( although I can't complain- it's been in the 70's and 80's !)

I've also started my first magic loop socks. I love dpn's but decided it was time to try this method. Turns out I love the magic loop too! I thought I might be a little faster knitting the magic loop, and I might be a bit. I'm reluctant to make that call based on one sock. These are Knit Picks Felici- super soft superwash wool- but very little stretch!

Finally, I've joined Ravelympics on Ravelry and have finished one sock for the sock put competition. These are Berroco Sox in a pretty purpley colorway. Also knitting up pretty quick! Barring any serious mishap, I should finish in plenty of time for the closing ceremonies!

Back to the Olympics!

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