Fannie Pie: June 2008

Friday, June 06, 2008

where I become a weather wuss....

I am not surprised at the wild weather in Oklahoma in the spring. Tornado, hail, highwind, thunderstorms are all common this time of year. What I don't seem to handle well is the frequency of power loss. Perhaps I thought we had had our quota of powerlessness in December, but I was wrong!

Sunday morning we, like many in Oklahoma, lose power. Temperature was pleasant and I am convinced that it would come on any minute. Even brushed off the fact that the power went out right before I made coffee, which would normally make me cranky. I remain, in Dorothy Parker's terms, 'the greatest little hoper there ever was...'

Monday morning - forced to go to work with what can only be described as a hair-don't, annoyed that there would be no coffee, but happy that we don't have an electric water heater.

Monday after work beginning to get irritated and sorry I hadn't done laundry on Sat. instead of my usual Sunday. Freezer thawing, so we grill up quickly melting stakes. All of them. Much warmer weather and stickier house to sleep in. ick.

Tuesday morning-wake really, very tired of no coffee when I wake, and getting concerned about the amount of clean, no-ironing-required, work clothes. Begin to lose my sense of humor.

Tuesday lunch -nearly abduct power workers I see working on lines on my way to my house, but refrain and find my power on when I get home!! Do a brief happy dance but quickly realize that it's too late for anything in my fridge. Wonder what in that fridge of perfectly ordinary groceries could possibly smell like that after 2 days of non refridgeration. ew. Turn on the a/c and go back to work and decide to deal with food later.

Tuesday night -throw out entire contents of freezer and fridge and clean both. Go to grocery store to by more groceries and wonder as I put each item in my basket what that item would smell like after 2 days unrefridgerated. Go home and restock fridge and take out trash. So thankful it's trash night. Rewash clothes in washing maching. repeat. dry so I don't have to work naked on Wednesday. Go to sleep in nice cool house instead of sticky humid air.

Wednesday- wake up to coffee and fresh clean choices of clothing. Leave for work feeling pretty good for having weathered the outage fairly well.

Wednesday after work- cook fresh new food from cold fridge and go to bed in nice cool house. Wake suddenly to sound of battery backup beeping, signaling that the power had again gone out. I am distraught- leap out of bed and wail to DH that it can't be happening again. He seems puzzled at my state of mind and I nearly weep describing the shiny new groceries and clean clothes and cool air we currently have. I grab flashlight and stomp out to phone to call power company outage number. While typing in numbers to phone robot, power suddenly comes on, and stays on. I fall on the floor in stupid relief. I am a weather wuss.

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