Fannie Pie: February 2007

Monday, February 19, 2007

Book Lust

Still knitting, also, annoyingly, still cameraless, so I'm unable to produce visual evidence of this....

Keeping busy, here are the highlights...

  • Saw Librarian rockstar equivalent Nancy Pearl and got BookLust and More Booklust signed.
  • Finished colinette jitterbug socks ( thanks Amy!)
  • Started socksthatrock socks in Lucy colorway, they're gorgeous.
  • Finished Marion Keyes latest- Anybody out there?
  • Had lovely long weekend, drank and ate with friends and went for long walk. ( also knitted)
  • Downloaded more audio books to listen to while knitting.
  • Also did boring errands that no one cares about.

That's it for now.. more soon.

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