Fannie Pie: October 2006

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Update and a contest!!! ( You may already be a winner!)

Has it really been a month? Here's a quick update....

-I was assassinated! Killed in round one of sock wars, by a very pretty pair of socks from Suzy H. who may very well still be standing.

- I seem to have injured the camera, it's not dead yet, but doesn't feel like taking any pictures right now. ( note the pictureless blog post)

- Finished my husbands Austerman Step socks... and he wore them on our anniversary.

- Finished my Cherry Tree Hill socks for the Susan Koman foundation. ( Kat, our staff association has a fund raiser each year and then donates the money to the foundation.. so I don't know how you can donate knitted items.... maybe the knit guild would be interested in doing a raffle?)

- Started Austerman Step socks for myownself.

-Started a crazy sideways knit baby sweater for the 9,387th person in my life to have a baby this year ( kidding, but there are a bunch.)

-Started the Mason Dixon baby kimono for the 9388th person in my life to have a baby this year.

- Started on my Christmas knitting. ( Go me!)

- Finished sleeve one for Rogue. ( I want to wear this so I need to finish it soon!)

- Made a list for Kathy of all my projects on the needles right now and it's frightening. seriously, very long. The only thing that makes it less scary is that my recently completed list is longer.

- DH and I went to see David Sedaris for our anniversary and he not only signed my books ( "I wish you were MY librarian") he also gave us an anniversary present!!!!!!

- So since I'm over flowing with yarn and feeling charitable, I'll send a prize of the fibery sort to the first person who can guess what David Sedaris gave me on my anniversary! Please leave your guesses in the comments.

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