Fannie Pie: March 2007

Monday, March 05, 2007


Actual visual evidence of my knitting...

New socks in Socks that Rock colorway Lucy. ( pattern is from Socks that Rock also... forget the name). The Socks that Rock yarn does indeed, rock. Love the feel of it, it's wonderful.
Here is the progress on my current sweater.... Lara from Debbie Bliss in Alpaca Silk. The yarn is wonderful and it's a pretty quick knit. I think I just started this about a week ago. Interesting construction, I'm enjoying the novelty of a sweater knit side to side.

I've still to post pictures of the Noro Silk Garden cardigan, but if you've seen me lately you've probably seen it. It's the perfect weight for this kind of weather, warm but not heavy. I've worn it a bunch.

Also need to post the Colinette jitterbug socks. Very soft, similar to the socks that rock!

In non-knitting news,

- tomorrow is my last Spanish class.

- turned in passport paperwork so I'm ready to go on vacation!!!

-weather is lovely! ( I'm totally blaming the nice weather for my abandonment of Frostrosen mittens)

Lots more going on, nothing blogworthy though. Hope to have more photos up soon!

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