Fannie Pie: How I spent my summer vacation...part one....

Monday, June 05, 2006

How I spent my summer vacation...part one....

Ah... summer vacation... brings back memories of long car trips, sunburns... some things never change.

This years summer vacation was a little early.. but was timed to coincide with the US pipe band championships. (not, as my coworkers insinuated, to miss the mad rush of start of the largest program of our fine institution. ) It also just happened that the championships took place a couple hours from my hometown so who could pass up an opportunity to run home for a lovely May visit? Not me!

The vacation started at the crack of dawn on Friday... driving 13 hours required an early departure.. with the Jetta loaded down with drums, tent and vacation accoutrements. We got on the road and off to a great start. DH doesn't mind driving and I alternately knit, chatter, nap and navigate. I even managed to get a picture or two for the KAL Have socks, will travel. see?

That's the St. Louis Arch.... for those of you who don't drive past it a couple times a year. And right after the arch? There is a navigational decision... Chicago or Indy? We sort of decided on going through Indy this time, but blew right past the turn. (someone should have been navigating!) So we thought about turning back... but why loose 10 or 15 minutes turning back and getting on the other highway, when this road also leads to where we're going, only through Chicago instead of Indiannapolis? So, what the heck, we're flexible! We'll just go through Chicago!

See Chicago is technically shorter, but being Chicago, it isn't always faster depending on your time of arrival. This time? Arrival fell at 4:30. On a holiday weekend. And there was construction. So, almost 2 hours of stopped traffic later, we were moving on to our destination.

The rest of the road trip was uneventful. We arrived in Alma for the competition and after a beer and brief tutorial on new recording software we promptly lost conciousness. Saturdays competiton went beautifully and I even managed to record the performance without much stress or difficulty. I thought they sounded wonderful and the judges agreed and gave the band first place. And there was much rejoicing!

Sunday was much the same as Sat. much tuning and preparation, it was very hot for May in Michigan, and everyone was ready to get this bigger competition overwith. They played wonderfully and placed first in grade IV, and won the US Championship!! Everyone was thrilled, and there was, again, much rejoicing. I mean really, lots and lots of it.

The group is a crazy assortment of talented individuals who pulled it together from long distances to win the championship. I had fun meeting the folks I hadn't met, and spending a little time with those I already knew. They are fun and funny and some of the drummers even posed with my sock! They didn't even bat an eye when I asked, good sports, these guys. Congratulations Westminster Pipe Band! (click that link and go to the gallery to hear what the US Champions sound like!)

Whew, if you made it this far... I'm surprised! Stay tuned for part two.....on to the beach!


Blogger The Quiltarian said...

I'm jealous! You and your socks were having way too much fun in St Louis, Chicago and Michigan listening to all those pipers. Nice vacation!

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What fun, except for the construction part. My sister and I went to Alma for the pipe competion years ago and had a wonderful time. When are the argyll socks going to be on you to do list?

6:15 PM  
Blogger Diamala said...

This is why I love blogs. I can just read about it at my own leisurely pace! You betcha, I'm gong to read part 2. You gotta love a story with the line "there was much rejoicing." Ya'll are my heroes. Truly.

9:43 PM  
Anonymous Marianne said...

And a wonderful time was had by all? Certainly sounds like it. So, your DH plays the pipes *and* drums??? Great pics of the guys in 'skirts' I might add. Congratulations to all, how exciting. I read in a book about some women who took their knitting on a holiday in Europe, taking photos of statues, etc, with their knitting hanging or posing with, and out of all the places they went it was the Scots who didn't bat an eye and jumped right in to 'help out', you just gotta love them. Have a great time and I'll be waiting for part two.

8:03 AM  
Blogger lorinda said...

Guys in kilts and knitting. I'm in heaven (and I'm a Scot). Your sock looks great! Next time you're stuck in Chicago, stop in and we'll knit!

9:12 AM  
Blogger AuntieAnn said...

At my DD's school spring concert, the "special surprise guests" turned out to be a pipe band! Way cool.

4:17 PM  
Blogger Ann said...

Hey, your sock literally drove right past my house! About a mile before that picture was taken. Fun to see that view on someone else's blog! And, growing up, I was always Annie Pie. Almost named my blog that... what fun to happen on yours.

9:51 PM  

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