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Monday, April 17, 2006

Stash Enhancement

I've finished the springy socks, which is a good thing, since spring weather is long gone here. In the 90's today. In April. Ick. We just blew past my favorite time of year, right into Sweatuary. Yuck. Not exactly wool sock weather.... so I've temporarily abandon my lovely lace socks and somewhat picky aqua rib socks.

Did I move on to something summery? Linen? Cotton? Nope, I've gone back to Rogue. I am loving this pattern. It's a fun knit, even considering I had to go back and rip out the throat. twice. I, somehow, in a feat I wouldn't have considered possible for even my dyslexic self, I knit the cable pattern on the inside of the sweater. Perfectly, but on the INSIDE of the sweater. I took no pictures, but trust me, I wasn't hallucinating, I really did this.

But now having tinked and re-knit my way up the throat, I'm working on the neck/hood and it's very cool. Here's the best part.... IT FITS. really well.

(I have made three sweaters that are/have been gifted because they didn't fit me, as intended. So the fitting thing is a big bonus, especially since I really love this sweater. )

I've also been working on my stash enhancement. I won't run out of stuff to work on for a bit.. or maybe ever. First, I have some lovely Classic Elite Premiere in the color Gourd.

I'm thinking of making this sweater from Boathouse. This will probably be my next knit because it's lovely cotton blend, just right for summer. I also have this....

For this sweater that I fell in love with before the book even came out.... although I'm making it in a slightly darker color. ( I must like this color... same as the color I picked for Rogue.)

Also, more sock yarn than you can shake a stick at....

Ok, well maybe you could shake two sticks at it... Emma could whip these into some lovely socks in a heartbeat. She's got a new blog where you can see some of her beautiful socks... go have a look!

It was a knitting and taxes weekend with a slightly scarry interruption by Fannie the bleeding cat. She isn't saying exactly what happened, but she had a puncture wound on her back leg and although she wouldn't even dream of boasting about it, I think the neighbors little terrier went home with some nasty scratches. The Dr. cleaned her up and sent her home with some pink stuff she rather likes. She's doing pretty good, if we could just convince the stinkerbell to give her a little break from the monstering......


Blogger Emma said...

Hee hee, I could whip those socks right up. I'm just about to the tow decreases now, and I just started this one yesterday!

Poor Fannie! I hope she feels better soon.

10:07 PM  
Anonymous Dipsy said...

I looove these socks, such cheerful colors! And lucky you for having such warm - hot - temperatures, even though, well, a little bit of spring before summer would have been nice, wouldn't it?
I love all the yarn of your stash that you showed and the projects you're planning - looking forward to seeing many progress-photos!

10:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sue,I love the colorful stipes socks in the picture. I finished my 2nd pair of socks. Now I'm starting on a 3rd pair. I warned George this was an addictive habbit.
I can't tell you how times I have had to rip out rows and rows of stitches on sweaters. Just put it down to practice.

9:08 PM  

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