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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What's next?

Since finishing my Olympic sweater I've been working on several small projects. I've finished the Olympic socks, the embossed leaves socks, started on two more pairs of socks and worked a bit on several small stalled projects. While I love the socks, especially the embossed leaves socks... they feel wonderful and I just love them, I feel like I should be taking on the next large project.

I have several sweaters worth of yarn burning a hole in my stash, lots of lovely patterns on hand, but I can't decide. Nothing really jumps out at me right now, so I've been waiting and knitting on the little things. I've resisted just starting something, because most of the unfinished projects I have on the needles started just that way.... just to start something. So I'm going to ask your help. I'm going to poll the readers and see what you think I should knit next. I have to finish with the disclaimer that if for some reason when the poll is over I feel compelled to knit something else, that's what I'll do. I'm not tying myself down here, just looking for some input.

The three choices are....

A. Anya~ Jo Sharp's Gathering B. Rogue ~ Girl from Auntie C. Urchin~ RYC classic beach

I would knit A from the lavender Jo Sharp Aran Tweed shown a couple posts down. Sweater B would be knit in same yarn but pretty brown color called 'brindle', better pictures of it here. The third could be knit out of the lavendar Jo Sharp, but I think it would require purchasing something summery, a silk/cotton/linen blend? or possibly even the yarn called for in the pattern,what a concept!

** edited to add....

scroll way down to vote... (keep in mind I'm a low tech nellie, and sometimes the blog with all it's fancy codes and such just don't take kindly to my simple ways!) Also for my library friends, it appears that the library computers all broadcast one IP address so only one person per day can vote! ( and the lucky one today is Kathy, which is as it should be, dontcha think?) Feel free to vote in the comments if ya want!

Free polls from

What's next on my needles

Sweater A. Anya

Sweater B. Rogue

Sweater c. Urchin


Blogger The Quiltarian said...

I love all three sweaters, but B is the prettiest.

12:35 PM  
Anonymous Moo said...

I think the third one is really cute, and probably wouldn't be too bulky. And, sorry, I might have voted for it twice. I loved reading your blog!

1:53 PM  
Blogger It's Not Me said...

I never have luck on those voting thingies, so I'm leaving my opinion here, I like Sweater C. Oh, and I changed my blog address, if you'd like to come back:

(Used to be Another Damn Knitting Blog)

12:51 AM  
Blogger Kay said...

I just ran across your blog. I'm a former Tulsan now Normanite via OKC knitter. I like Urchin best.

Do you have a favorite LYS in Tulsa?

Me? I'm addicted to knitting!

2:02 PM  
Blogger katie said...

Rogue and Urchin are tied!(I'm pulling for Urchin, but I already voted. Drat!)

12:12 PM  
Blogger Fannie Pie said...

prairie knitter... no one will know if you vote more than once ;-)

12:54 PM  
Blogger katie said...

Rogue's in the lead! Maybe I SHOULD vote twice. But would that be dishonest? (lol) Decisions, decisions....

11:20 AM  
Anonymous bigsispam said...

Hey Sue! I think the second one (B)without the hood would be the best of all. Maybe a small stand-up collar or trim instead. Slight pattern adjustment ~ you're an artist, you can do it ~
Great site - Cute models! Are they getting along any better? Scout looks huge!
Good luck, Pam
hey, I'm flunking your security test! This is the third submission!

9:32 PM  

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