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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Old News

Well here are some old photos of projects that I'm finally posting here... some socks I made for my dad for Christmas.

Both made from Regia sock yarn that suvives both machine washer and dryer, according to my mom. (Hi Mom!).

I also have pictures of the tree I made for the Festival of Trees at Philbrook this year. I neglected to take pictures of it after I felted it, however, and I also didn't include anything that would indicate the scale. So you'll just have to take my word for it, it was big and I felted it and it got smaller.

I have made progress on the Olympic sweater, both front and back are done. I'm knitting both sleeves at the same time so they'll be exactly the same. I'll probably finish them tonight and block the pieces overnight so I can begin assembly tomorrow and pick up stitches for the collar. I don't see any real problems getting it completely done before the closing ceremonies next weekend, unless I just goof off and don't do it. I am almost done, I'm working on the sleeve caps, but it's really reallyboring.

In fact, this whole sweater was pretty boring, and in addition to boring, it isn't going to fit me :-( I neglected to measure carefully ( or at all) and I picked the size that *should* fit me, based on the size sweater I wear.... but not based on anything that has a base in reality, apparently. Not to worry, there are plenty of people who could wear the sweater comfortably. The next sweater will be for me, and I'll measure first.

In keeping with the old pictures for the rest of this post here is Scouty.... from a week or so ago...

For more cute cat pictures check out and . I didn't realize there were so many cats that like sinks, I thought it was just Scout, but she's in good company.


Blogger Katie said...

Wow! You're almost completely finished? I'm impressed--and glad to know there are a lot of possible recipients.
What an absolutely adorable kitty!

6:38 PM  

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