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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Still here...

It only seems like I've run away. In reality I'm hunkered down with my holiday knitting, no, you can't see it, yet. That might ruin the surprise. I've been busy with other non- knitting stuff too.

In mid November I went here where I recorded this. That is the Westminster Pipe Band, for anyone who is interested. They placed second to the Juvenile World Champions at this event.

Last week I went to the opening of the Festival of Trees, something I have done for the last 13 years (at least). This years creation was a felted knitted tree. There were lots of wonderful things there and a nice party.

The next night I went to a library program to see Janet Stevens. I helped at her booksigning table and even got a picture with her, I'll have to post later.

There was a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner in there with relatives and great food, and visits with friends and family. Very nice.

Also a vet visit for stitches, Fannie not Scout. I was surprised too, and Fannie isn't telling what exactly happened. Since the stitches she's been locked up in the house with a monster, and she's not enjoying it at all!

Finally, there was a Thanksgiving tug o' war with a raccoon. DH heard a noise in the kitchen Thanksgiving night and found a coon trying to pull a full bag of cat food out the cat door. It wouldn't fit. I guess the raccoons were having takeout for Thanksgiving!

Just in case you thought I wasn't anything to blog about since it's been quiet here. Quite the opposite is true. Lots going on, just no blogging.

Still working on Fuzzy Feet. They had to take a back seat to some other holiday knitting. They will get done soon. I'll post pictures then... along with pictures of the many other knitted holiday items.


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