Fannie Pie: All Stitched Up

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

All Stitched Up

Here is Scout with her finished mohair corkscrew scarf. Both of them have been all stitched up! Three guesses which one had to be restitched due to excessive monstering after surgery. Yes, Scout stops at nothing, not even recent surgery. She was sorta quiet for a day after being spayed, but despite the drugs and diligent efforts of her humans, she managed to blow out her stitches four days after her surgery. Not the outer stitches, which I understand happens on rare occasions when a cat excessively licks or picks at them, but the inner stitches which actually happens about never. The vet said she had never had this happen to her, nor had she seen it happen to a cat. My sister in law also works at an emergency vet and said she had seen this very rarely in dogs, but never ever in a cat. We were lucky the outer stitches held.

So Saturday morning I was getting ready to go to yoga and noticed Scout's tummy looked very odd. In fact, the way it pouched out unnaturally made me feel slightly sick to my stomach. I called the vet and we went for some emergency surgery. Just the kinda thing I like to do on a Saturday morning. Who needs relaxing yoga when you can rush your kitten to the vet? She spent the night and is home now with meds that actually make her verryyy sleeepyyy. She puts up a good fight, brave attempts to monster continue right up until the moment she topples over and zonks out. I intend on keeping her drugged and as quiet as humanly possible until the new outter stitches come out.

On a totally different note, piper/illustrator friend Stephen Gilpin's new book came out this weekend. It's delightful, you should go get a copy.


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