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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Starting Something

Well, we'll see how long this lasts! I'm hoping to keep a record of knitting projects and progress and possibly other projects. Maybe some venting/whining/bitching. I'll try to keep that to a minimum, but it is my blog after all ( I'll whine if I want to).

So.... on the needles right now.... I have one half finished salmon alpaca sock. (salmon is the color, there isn't a new type of fiber bearing fish.. ) these sock are intended for me, but I may well give them away, as often happens.

I just started a sweater out of lane cervinia londra, a very soft, lofty single similar to Rowan Polar. The pattern is from Interweave Knits fall 2002, it's called Tuscan Hills. I'm about 25 rows into the sweater and I've already altered it:p I can't help myself.

I originally purchased the Londra thinking it might be good for Rogue(from the girl from Auntie), but it was not a great yarn for that pattern, it really needs a plied yarn with all the cables and the loftiness of this yarn left it looking sloppy and fuzzy... not nice. I swatched some Debbie Bliss alpaca silk and it was lovely, but I'm a little worried about the fuzz factor. I'm not sure that alpaca silk won't totally fuzz out and loose the cable definition.... I'm going to do some searching for the perfect rogue yarn. So far for swatching purposes I've used the chart for the sleeve, and the cable pattern on the sleeve is very nice, works up really quickly.

Also on the needles, is a sock of Paton's Kroy, but not for long! I've only started the pattern just below the cuff and already I feel myself slipping into a boredom induced coma. This from someone who can make endless pairs of simple ribbed socks. I guess it's more the result than the process that is boring. If I take it off auto pilot and follow a pattern, the result should be worth the minimal attention it takes to follow the pattern, at least that is my new rule. So, these will soon be frogged and I'll start another pair, possibly something with a little cable....

I have several projects lined up after these, and hopefully will make a dent in the yarn piling up in my house. A yarn diet is in order, but not likely to happen soon. I'll probably just limit myself to sock yarn as it disappears fairly quickly and takes up little room!

I'm off to continue my tidying and knitting... wonderful activities for a Sunday afternoon.


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