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Friday, October 07, 2005


While reading one of the knitting blogs I check out regularly and admiring Claudia's collection of socks, I decided to round up the socks I have on hand and photograph them. I was also inspired by all the socks shown on Quiddity's blog and entered in her contest! If you knit socks or just enjoy looking at hand knit socks, you have to check it out. An amazing array of socks.

After gathering up all the hand knit socks in the house (almost... I just remembered 5 more pairs that didn't make the photo) I was a little disappointed because I thought there would be more.

I've only been knitting for a little over a year, but sock knitting grabbed me early on in my knitting. Socks are my default, portable, mindless knitting. They are what I knit when I can't decide what to knit. I have a couple patterns pretty much memorized (sometimes I peek at the heel turning directions) and I have a sock on the needles all the time. When I'm only knitting socks I can finish a pair in about a week, when I'm knitting other things too, socks get done when they get done.

So how is it that I have only 13 pairs of socks to show for all this knitting.....? I realized that socks have also become my default gift! I have given away at least 4 pairs of adult socks and several pairs of baby socks! In fact, most of the socks in the photo are probably destined to be gifts as I haven't worn any of them, I just keep making them and stashing them.

So if you have a gift coming from me soon and see something you like let me know. If you don't see a finished pair of socks, have a look at my collection of sock yarn for something that appeals.

Scout is recovering from her recent surgery with only one additional panicky visit to the vet. She is healing nicely although the whole idea of taking it easy really bores her to tears. She is a girl of action who is up for anything anytime, including something as mundane as photographing socks.


Blogger Lolly said...

what lovely yarns you have, my dear! love the socks too! I am happy to add you to the list for Socktoberfest--looks like you are a sock expert! :)

8:45 PM  

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