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Friday, October 21, 2005

Heads up.

I finally finished the tiara. They are difficult to photograph, even with the assisance of DH. It took longer than I thought because of a killer headache that I suspect was weather related. It is suddenly fall here and apparently my head is a barometer. I also finished the regia socks and one baby sock and a hat ( to match Scout's scarf below). The baby sock is made from Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino. Lovely soft stuff. Pictures coming soon... when I have both the big and little socks to show you.

Last month I purchased the pattern for Rogue, I'll have to look at the guage and see if cashmerino would work, or possibly the new Cashsoft from Rowan. The cashmerino has a little bit of a shine to it, which might bother me in a sweater like Rogue, Cashsoft is a little more matte. Anyway, Rogue will have to wait a bit, I'm trying to finish up some of the umpty million things I already started. Well, I'd better get knitting~


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