Fannie Pie: Happy New Year...

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Happy New Year...

I am not one for making resolutions ... although this New Year did find me scanning all the things I'd like to get done but for whatever reason haven't. So I've actually been working on projects that have been waiting patiently for me to find the time. I like to think they were ripening. I've started with my studio... baby steps here. Mostly it's decision time, although I've reorganized yarn and shelves and have decided that the goal is to get all my yarn in containers, on my shelves. Then I'll move the rest of the furniture.

The first picture is of the shelves before the reorganization.. actually long before but they hadn't changed much... lots of books. Big surprise for a librarian. Mostly school stuff, articles and papers, that I would like to take out somewhere and have a big bonefire... not a good idea right now in Oklahoma. So I've just stashed them where I can easily load up and take to the recycling bin.

Here is the progress after the reorganization. Still alot of books, but the yarn is taking over, and is fairly easy to find and get to and the baskets are off the floor.

Aside from reorganizing, I've been knitting ( surprise!) and I've just about finished a cabled jacket. It's blocking in the newly created space on my cutting table. Once it's done I still have to add the collar and button band, but it's mainly done. I used Jo Sharp silkroad aran tweed and it's lovely! My lys had a sale on it after Christmas and I bought enough for two more sweaters.

While it's blocking I needed something to knit so I went back through my stash and pulled out some Manos and started another sweater. I started yesterday, and today finished the back. It's a quick knit, mostly stockinette. Manos is lovely to knit with also. The yarn was a Christmas gift from DH last Christmas and I just didn't have the right project. I finally decided to make a simple hooded pullover that will show off this pretty yarn.

I knit most of it while listening to Wickett's Remedy on my new Ipod Nano (Happy Birthday to me!) with my new subscription to I have really slacked off on my reading since I started knitting. I used to read about a book a week, until about July 2004 when I started knitting. Since then I've read only a smattering of titles and some of my favorite authors have had new books that I've taken home and back to the library without reading them. It seems I would rather knit right now. So the audio book thing seemed perfect for those times when there isn't anything I want to see on Turner Classic Movies.

Well I'm off tomorrow and one sweater or the other is going to get larger. I'm also going to do more catching up here soon. Then tomorrow night, my book club meets. Just the kick in the pants I needed to get back to reading. Should be fun.


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