Fannie Pie: 'pod covers and p*rn.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

'pod covers and p*rn.

Here are the photos of completed Ipod Nano cozies or sweaters. The orange one is made from Koigu, I believe it's color 216 but I could be wrong. The dark purple one is Gems pearl merino in eggplant. The third one is Noro Kureyon. Just some leftovers from socks and a booga bag. The sweater I use the most is the Koigu one. I can get to the controls through the sweater. It took some experimenting but I can even turn up the volume without taking it out of the cover.
The Kureyon bag is a little bigger and I can poke the headphones in with the nano. I added a strap too.
When it comes to using them, I prefer to just stick the nano in my pocket and not have a strap to deal with along with the headphone cords. I've been listening in my car alot and it seems I alway get the headphone cords and seatbelt intertwined and I have to take off the headphones to get out of the car. Yes, I'm very graceful that way. I'm thinking I need to get the little cassette adapter so I can play it on my car stereo.

I've been listening to The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. This is my February book group book. I'm not very far into it (chapter 8) and it's getting interesting. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it at first because it's a story within a story told from the present day looking back a few years and most of the interesting stuff went on in the past. There is not alot of information about the present day characters in the beginning and they just seemed like a framework or stretching device to make the story set in the past take longer to unfold. I was impatient whenever the book lingered in the present, but now I can see how the past is impacting the characters in the present and the two stories are unfolding together. I'm really starting to enjoy it. It doesn't hurt that alot of the 'action' takes place in archives around the world. Lots of research and digging, just my kind of thing.

In knitting news, I've finished all the pieces for the Manos sweater except for the hood. I've got about one quarter of the hood completed and should easily finish it before the end of the week. This yarn really knits up fast and nice. It's very soft to work with and the colors are beautiful. I haven't included any photos yet as they have all come out looking too orange. I have blocked all the pieces (except the hood) and even the photos in natural light where I block don't look very good. I really need to play with photoshop more so I can tweak my photos. See photos above for example... they could really stand some cropping. It would be nice to post a photo without a cat's tail in it... but Scout, ever helpful, loves to help with photographing stuff.

One photo I took did come out pretty good, so I'll leave you with some yarn p*rn.


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