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Thursday, March 23, 2006

one of those days

Yesterday was one of those days. Not one of THOSE days, those craptastic days that make you want to scream. But one of those days where everything was a little off. I just wasn't all there, and wasn't quite connecting with the world around me. I was feeling a little puny and just needed to be horizontal. Since my being in the upright position was of little use to anyone, I took off work a little early, and drove mindlessly home, managed to pay enough attention to arrive in my driveway without incident or injury to anyone.

I gathered up my big bag o' junk and made my way to the door of the house and felt like I was really dragging. I knew I really needed to take a nap as I could hardly make it through the front door. As I got into the house, the wonderful smell of dinner cooking hit me and I perked up a bit as I attempted to make my way to the kitchen. I say attempted because on the second step in the door, as the door slammed shut behind me, I was rudely halted. Confused, I plopped down my bag o' junk and looked around me and quickly discovered the problem.

It's difficult to see in this picture... I was having difficulty focusing throught the laughter induced tears and couldn't hold still because I was shaking with a stupid abandon that comes from having an off day that ends like mine did.

Here is an 'enhanced' view of what I saw... note the boring sock sticking out of my bag ( big arrow) and then look at the series of arrows and what they are following.... even Scout has discovered my idiocy. Click for bigger pic, you might be able to see.

Yup, the sock was in my bag.... but after following the long string out of my bag.....

out the door and through the yard......

over a car.......

inside my car, on the front seat, I found the connected skein of yarn!!!

After a good nights sleep I feel a little better, I woke up thinking spring is here the flowers are blooming and things are bound to be better today than yesterday. I looked outside and saw this.....

Yup, that's snow.


Blogger katie said...

LOL! Your story made my day. You're like Hansel and Gretel but with yarn!

And what a pretty redbud to wake up to. I kinda like it with snow on it!

3:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After picking myself up off the floor I thought 'at least she won't get lost going to the car.'

10:16 AM  
Blogger Kay said...

That is a great story and pictorial!! And less embarrassing than toilet paper! :-)

8:26 PM  

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