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Sunday, April 02, 2006


After finishing the most boring socks in the world (that seemed to take forever) I have started two other pairs of socks. One pair half done, the other just started... both seem to be going much faster than the boring socks!

It's not just me, a couple friends have finished their socks too!

And there's been some progress on Rogue too.... front and back divided and working the armhole shaping on the back is coming along nicely. I just love the way the shaping takes place in the cables on the side. Even though I just noticed I made a little goof early on.. can you see it? It's there to stay so I'm learning to love it, luckily I did the same thing on both sides!
Here's a close up of the cable detail under the arm, starting right above the goof. Pretty, no?

Back to my knitting!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sue the socks look great. What pattern are you using? I finished my first pair and working on the second.

9:08 AM  

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