Fannie Pie: Happy Birthday Scout!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Scout!

Today is Scoutie's first birthday.
What a year it's been. I've had cats all my life, and they have each been unique and special to me in their own way, but I've never seen anything like Scout. She's a stinker, a total monster, but she's my girl. She is the most determined cat I've ever seen ( I should take a lesson from her) nothing in the world will keep her from what she wants, or induce her into doing something she doesn't feel like doing (like looking at me for a birthday picture) She's clever too, which is why she is so successful in driving us crazy, when we try to keep her from doing whatever she wants.

Like the time she really really wanted to get on the dining room table and play with the digital camera. She would jump up, DH or I would tell her no and put her back on the floor. She would jump up and we'd put her down. Repeat, until finally she walked away. 'Success! She gets it!' we thought, until we turned around and found her on the table patting the camera with her paw. As I made a step toward the table, she looked me right in the eye and pushed the camera over the edge of the table on to the floor. Bad kitty (but smart) if she can't play with the camera on the table, she'll play with it on the floor.

My pretty Fannie Pie also has trouble getting through to Scout. No matter how she hisses, growls or pats her, when Scout wants to play, Fannie is often the target of a sneak attack. Since Fannie doesn't willingly play with Scout, Scout makes a game of chasing her around the house until Fannie finds refuge somewhere high enough to be defended. Fannie, not being fond of this unpredictable housemates' games, also decided she wasn't fond of Scout, at first. Lately though there has been progress. Scout is getting older and less rambuncious, and she is finally getting the idea that Fannie really doesn't like her games, and well, sometimes it's really cold outside and Scout needs someone to snuggle with. Luckily, Fannie doesn't hold a grudge.

In knitting news, the most boring socks ever are about finished, Rogue is coming along, nearing the dividing of front and back (also known as the armpits), and yesterday I got this in the mail.

That's three skeins of Kureyon (#95) and 12 skeins of Jaeger Charmonix! It's the softest yarn ever ( angora and extra fine merino wool... I've swatched it already and it is probably going to be next on the needles if I can find a great sweater pattern I like.


Anonymous Dipsy said...

Hi from Austria! Happy Birthday to Scout! There's certainly a lot we humans could learn from cats, and mind you, I'm in that learning process since I have mind (more than 16 years now)! Scout is a true beauty!
I love the yarn you've gotten for yourself, looking forward to seeing what you're gonna make with it!

2:36 AM  
Blogger katie said...

Happy birthday, Scout! Shiva says hi to Scout and Fannie Pie.

Okay, maybe she was saying to give her some more food, but it sounded like "hi" to me!

3:04 PM  

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