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Saturday, August 26, 2006

The sock that broke the camel's back....

Actually, I'm blaming the laundry, although I'm completely aware of the absurdity of claiming I have a laundry related injury. I'm fine with the absurd. After all, it was when I was loading the washing machine last weekend that I felt an unusual sensation in my left forearm. It felt just like a rubberband had snapped me, inside my arm, under the skin. This was accompanied by a loud 'pop' sound, from the middle of my arm, where there are no logical sources for such a noise. It really sounded like a knuckle cracking, but I don't have jointed forearms.

The snapping sensation and pop were followed by pain. Not, gut wrenching, teethgrinding pain, but an ever present aching that is sometimes accompanied by a sharp pain, just so I take it seriously. This pain lasted for several days, it that has prevented me from knitting. at all. This pain wasn't helped when I, in a fit of grace, fell up the stairs to our kitchen and caught myself with my hands out in front of me, slapping loudly on the kitchen floor. Some days are like that.

It's possible that the real source of this 'injury' was this.

A new sock for DH, I started it on his birthday. I loved this colorway and thought it was perfect for him. I started knitting Friday evening and Sunday morning it was done. I just love this yarn, it's Austerman Step , I couldn't stop knitting with it. It's very soft, but not in the merino/koigu/cherrytreehillsupersock kind of way. It's woolier. It has some of the tooth I associate with wool outer wear, without being scratchy. It feels like wool should. Someone who has a better fiber vocabulary feel free to tell me what I'm trying to describe. I'm sure it's partly the type of wool, but could also be from the aloe and jojoba oils spun in. Whatever it is, it caused me to abandon all reasonable limits of knitting and knit myself into a laundry injury.

So, with no knitting this week I had time for other pusuits.

  • I helped DH install a new medicine cabinet in our bathroom. Also picked out new tile, paint and linens for the bathroom.
  • Read threee books. ( three and a half, technically)
  • Went to see DH play with the Temptations.
  • Did some gambling with my SIL.
  • Saw Sharon Creech speak and got books signed.

Well, after five days with no knitting, I'm feeling much better. My arm feels pretty normal. I've been really good about avoiding anything that might stress my arm, like knitting. This was made especially difficult by the arrival of two packages of goodies, one from Webs and one from knitpicks.

I'm thinking today is the day to ease back into some knitting, maybe do some swatching with the wonderful angora yarn I bought, or try out my new knitpicks needles I keep hearing so much about, maybe knit a couple rows on Rogue.

Whatever I decide to pickup today, no matter how loud it calls to me... I'm avoiding this.


Blogger Emma said...

Yikes! Glad you're feeling better though. Gotta make sure you're healed up in time for Sock Wars!

Didn't see any mention of progress on Icarus. How's that going?

2:42 PM  
Blogger Fannie Pie said...

I'm at about one more repeat on the first chart, then I was in the last picture. It looks the same but I know it has to be bigger!! I'm not to the second chart yet which is where the fun starts!

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Marianne said...

OOOOhhhhh, your,ahem, laundry injury..
just made me want to scream and hurl, all at the same time,ummm, I'm really glad you're feeling better, (I can't quite get your description out of my head, keeps getting replayed out, that kind of action in the forearm, well, you know, it just 'ain't' natural)plus I thought I had the market cornered on 'falling up stairs':)
I do love the colours in your DH's new socks, really really love the colours.
Have you gotten to play with the new needles? Did you get circs or dpn's? I'm putting in an order tomorrow for some, just haven't decided on 'what'.
Sounds like you certainly had a fun week, even if you didn't knit..DH played with the Temptations???? wow.
And BTW, I liked your description of the yarn....

1:22 PM  
Blogger katie said...

Hope your injury heals up soon! I'm jonesing for Icarus updates!

5:22 PM  
Blogger Kat said...

Ack!! Now I'd say you have a great excuse for not doing laundry. We all know that knitting is MUCH more important than doing laundry, right??? LOL!!

Your socks are wonderful, and I'm envious. I'm only on my third pair.

Hope to see you at knitting guild soon!

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Rebecca Fisher said...

I've been tempted to use this yarn (Step) for my socks for my DH - I guess you like it? What colorways have you used? I liekthe one photographed but I'm not sure they have it at the online store I was shopping at...

4:14 PM  

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