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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Merry.....

(our Christmas tree circa 2003... the last time we put up a tree)

I think I'm really done. ready. finished. WooHoo? Or does that mean I should be doing more? (sometimes I worry that I don't worry enough)

I'm going to take it easy and enjoy whatever else I decide to do. I may bake some more cookies... or make truffles, whatever sounds like fun. (So that means there will be knitting.)

I think my cold is getting better. Yesterday I was still feeling bad, and very sick of feeling sick. Total grump. I went Christmas shopping and it turned me into a raving monster. I must have been sick, because I liked the people I was shopping for and that usually makes shopping fun.
No matter, shopping done, cold getting better, holiday coming! I'm ready.

In fact, I'm already thinking ahead to next week after the holidays when we might finally finish painting the bathroom and wrap up that project. I'm off all week and DH has some time and Scout will be on hand to supervise. Here is Scout helping with the new sink drain installation. ( it's hard to see, but I think she's handing DH a wrench.) Who knew bathroom renovations could be so fun?


Blogger Marianne said...

That was a lovely tree...I'm glad you're starting to feel just a little bit better. I'm also impressed that you are *ready*! I have one more sock to go for Gracie, and a reknit on one of Conor's socks,(knit 5 rounds too many on the leg part so will be doing the whole thing over unless I manage to not spaz out while frogging and can put the stitches back on the needles, always a crap shoot for me).
I didn't get any holiday stuff up this year, none whatsoever...
Won't it be great to have the bathroom project finished! been there, done that...need to do it again...
Wishing you the best!

5:25 AM  

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